“ Making Silk a Part of Everyday Life ”

“ We want to make natural silk apparel something that everyone can enjoy in the course of everyday life. ” For 30 years, that wish has inspired Malyne’s wholehearted efforts to provide people with the very best of the natural fiber that is silk. The very mention of silk conjures images of high-quality fabrics that feel soft to the touch. At the same time, we know there is a common perception that silk is difficult to care for at home. At Malyne, we strive every day to transform the way people see silk. Guided by the three concepts described below, we design and develop high-quality silk apparel that we hope can be a part of your day-to-day life.

“ A Lineup with Something for Everyone ” With designs, patterns, and materials tailored to different ages, genders, and occasions, our lineup of products meets a wide range of needs. In addition to women’s and men’s apparel, we also offer selections for babies and children. The products that we design and develop blend form with function. Our silk innerwear is designed to be more than just underwear, while always remaining invisible beneath your outer layers.

“ Robust Engineering and Design Paired with Versatility ” Of all the articles of clothing you wear over the course of a day, a piece of silk innerwear is the one you keep on the longest, and is the closest to your body. That is why even a slight change in the way silk innerwear feels when worn can be very disconcerting.Malyne’s products are made with care, and with comfort in mind, at a garment factory in Zhejiang, China, a region known for artisanal silk production. We design all of our products here in Japan, which is why they exhibit a uniquely Japanese, seasonally-minded sensibility, and are always in tune with the latest trends and the needs of modern people.We also take steps to ensure that we have extra stock of all of our products at our warehouse. As a result, our supply system has a sterling track record of delivering for our many customers. The strong relationship we have built with our partner factory in China gives us the flexibility to meet our customers’ needs down to the finest detail.

“ Commitment to Quality ” We are not alone in having confidence in the quality and engineering of our products. The vast majority of our products have undergone and passed the quality screening procedures of Q – TEC ( the Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center ), a third-party organization. Through a battery of tests employing stringent standards, Q – TEC assesses the quality and performance of textile products that are sold on the market in Japan, and issues certification for product performance. Our products must pass tests for health and safety, as well as for attributes such as comfort and the durability of their material, color, and shape. Only then can we present them to the world with pride as Malyne products.

We work closely together with our partner factory in China, rigorously inspecting samples of our upcoming products and revising them as many times as necessary in order to attain the right texture and comfort. Thanks to this exacting approach to making clothes, the craftsmanship and engineering of Malyne products stand out even in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, a region known as a leader in silk production.



The silk found in Malyne products is made from pure and spun silk of the highest quality.We strive to develop products that make the best possible use of the special qualities of each thread.

It was 30 years ago that we first formed a partnership and began manufacturing together with a factory in China. At that time, members of our team traveled to the factory to provide guidance on everything from the intricate sewing machine techniques needed to make clothes for Japan’s unique climate, to how to produce our patterns. To this day, we still travel there frequently to provide technical support. Over the course of this 30-year partnership, we have worked in tandem to elevate one another’s garment-making capabilities. During our manufacturing process, we are in constant communication with our partner factory, inspecting product samples and never compromising on quality. Together, we are fully committed to making clothes with exceptional comfort and feel. Before being delivered to our offices, every garment is rigorously inspected at the factory to ensure that it has been made with care. Once there, we inspect our products again before packaging and delivering them to you.

Between Malyne and our partner factory exists a strong relationship of trust. We are united in the desire to provide our customers with silk products of the highest quality. At Malyne, we consider that relationship, built by our predecessors over the course of 30 years, to be a priceless asset.