“ Wearable Tenderness ”

For everything you do every day, we want to give you something that can be with you in those moments of emotional grace. Silk has a palpably relaxing power that is like nothing else in the world. That comes not only from silk’s attributes as a material; it is in the way its feel soothes you and loosens the hardworking muscles of your back when you put it on. We offer silk innerwear that addresses your skin concerns, with comfort and quality you can feel.

Spend the best of days with silk innerwear from Malyne.

mille soie

millesoie ミルソイエ シルクインナー

“ For those precious moments with your kids, mille soie ”

The skin of a newborn baby is very thin and delicate. Energetic and always moving, whether while crawling or even in their sleep, infants also see changes in their skin on a daily basis as they grow into toddlers. With its outstanding ability to absorb and release moisture while staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter, silk is the perfect material for infants and their quickly-changing lives. At all times, silk is gentle on the skin.

“ mille soie ”represents the meeting between a mother’s limitless love and the gentlest of natural fibers. Our hope is to ease the minds of hardworking mothers when they see the smiles and peaceful sleeping faces of children dressed in silken comfort.