“ Making Silk a Part of Everyday Life ”

“ We want to make natural silk apparel something that everyone can enjoy in the course of everyday life. ”

For 30 years, that wish has inspired Malyne's wholehearted efforts to provide people with the very best of the natural fiber that is silk.
The very mention of silk conjures images of high-quality fabrics that feel soft to the touch. At the same time, we know there is a common perception that silk is difficult to care for at home.
At Malyne, we strive every day to transform the way people see silk.
we design and develop high-quality silk apparel that we hope can be a part of your day-to-day life.


“ Wearable Tenderness ”

For everything you do every day, we want to give you something that can be with you in those moments of emotional grace.Silk has a palpably relaxing power that is like nothing else in the world.

Spend the best of days with silk innerwear from Malyne.


“ For those precious moments with your kids, mille soie ”

“ mille soie ” represents the meeting between a mother’s limitless love and the gentlest of natural fibers.
Our hope is to ease the minds of hardworking mothers when they see the smiles and peaceful sleeping faces of children dressed in silken comfort.


The silk found in Malyne products is made from pure and spun silk of the highest quality.We strive to develop products that make the best possible use of the special qualities of each thread.

It was 30 years ago that we first formed a partnership and began manufacturing together with a factory in China.
At that time, members of our team traveled to the factory to provide guidance on everything from the intricate sewing machine techniques needed to make clothes for Japan’s unique climate, to how to produce our patterns.
To this day, we still travel there frequently to provide technical support. Over the course of this 30-year partnership, we have worked in tandem to elevate one another’s garment-making capabilities.